Trump wants to ban online poker

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The online gaming industry may not want to immediately dismiss Trump’s candidacy. Trump is a strong proponent of legalized online gaming. “It has to happen because many other countries are doing it and like usual the U.S. is just missing out,” Trump told Forbes in 2011. No, Online Poker Isn’t Safe From Trump - NJ Online Gambling Donald Trump isn’t exactly a traditional Republican. He has quite a history in the New Jersey casino industry and is well-known for indulging in vices that clash with the party’s Christian, family-oriented image. But Trump has brought in a number of more traditional Republican politicians who are clear online poker opponents. New Jersey 'Urging' Trump Administration Not To Support ... The Garden State is prepared to fight back. The New Jersey legislature, which legalized online casino gambling just a few short years ago, is now concerned that a Donald Trump administration could ... GOP Online Gambling Ban Stance Reversed, Nominee Trump Accepts GOP Online Gambling Ban Stance Reversed, Nominee Trump Makes Acceptance Speech July 22, 2016 By David Sheldon The GOP online gambling stance may not have been the most compelling issue of a very ...

A Trump Presidency Is Not Good For US Online Poker And Gambling

Christie, a fellow Republican, signed a bill today calling on Trump, a former Atlantic City casino owner, and Congress not to enact a nationwide ban on internet gambling. Trump Proposes Travel Ban On Retirees Who Want To Shoot

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Christie to Trump: Don't Ban Online Gambling - Poker Websites The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has urged President Donald Trump not to ban online gambling in the country. What adds some clout to this request is President Trump Should Ignore Calls ... - Online Poker Report During his campaign, Donald Trump vowed to end anti-business, anti-growth regulations. He can honor these words by opposing a federal online gambling ban. Poll: Americans Don’t Want to Ban Trans Fats, Energy ... Congress is considering a bill that would legalize online poker and 65 ... want to ban violent video games and online ... Trump's Bump Stock Ban ... Trump Wants Your Tales of Social Media Censorship. And ...

Christie To Trump: Don't Ban Online Gambling In NJ Or Elsewhere

The US online gambling industry could face federal ban as Donald Trump has chosen Sen. Jeff Sessions as his new Attorney General. Online Gambling Stories – Games Casino The New Jersey General Assembly has issued a resolution to urge newly sworn-in US President Donald Trump to oppose efforts to reintroduce a ban on online gambling in the country.