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What is the POC (Point of Consumption Tax) in the UK?

Pay Attention, America; UK Raises Gambling Taxes to 21 Percent Nov 13, 2018 ... The UK is raising its point-of-consumption (POC) gambling tax from 15 percent to 21 percent. The news came in the form of a recent adjustment ... Consumption Tax - Britain or Ireland is the "consumption point" for betting, an economic term ... As part of attaining the UK licence there is the requirement to pay tax on any revenue ... SA Point of consumption tax - my view - Daily25 Betting Blog How much burden do gambling companies place on the economy? .... I believe a point of consumption tax is the correct way to tax bookmakers and needs to be implemented ... From your article I assume you are from the UK (might be wrong). Industry fears realised as UK online gaming tax hike confirmed ...

The precedent for this cash grab, the UK Point of Consumption tax, had no such charges to offset or compete against, apart from a voluntary contribution to racing called the Levy (UK-based retail firms are compelled to pay it, but their online businesses based in Gibraltar avoided it and the Gross Profits Tax applied to bookies).

The United Kingdom and the United States have entirely different approaches to online gambling. The UK has the most developed regulatory framework for onlineThe 15% point-of-consumption tax on remote gambling assured anyone accepting British gamblers paid a tax. Point Of Consumption Tax | Betfair Australia | The Hub

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The new 15 percent United Kingdom Point of Consumption Tax (POC) for gaming operators servicing the UK went into effect on December 1st, 2014. Point of Consumption Tax Archives - The tax increases won’t crush UK gambling companies, at least not directly. But what is more concerning is the direction that they signify.

As of December 1, UK-facing online gaming operators are subject to a 15% Point of Consumption (POC) taxas part of the enforcement of the new gaming bill of the land, the UK Licensing and Advertising Act of 2014. While the POC tax is purely the responsibility of gaming operators, it doesn’t mean they can’t pass […]

UK-facing gambling operators, no matter where they are based, have been paying a 15% Point of Consumption tax since December 2014. According to the UK Government’s preliminary estimates, the amount of £345 million could be generated in the period between 2017 and 2021 as a result from the new taxation regime. UK Treasury To Tax Online Gaming Free Plays ... UK Treasury To Tax Online Gaming Free Plays 17th Mar 2016 | Written by: Daniel Macadam & David Altaner Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne will close a loophole on free plays offered by online gaming operators in a move the Treasury said would raise £325m in the next five years. Online Betting and Gaming Dominate UK’s Gambling Industry In addition, the 15% Point of Consumption tax was introduced, making it compulsory for all UK-facing operators, no matter where they were headquartered, to pay a 15% share of their GGY. As a result from the 2014 amendments, gross gambling yield from iGaming increased exponentially in the country from £1.1 billion in the April 2013-March 2014 ... UK May See More Gambling Tax In The New Year